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Twilight -Post 2- : Death, the Maiden, and the Ego-Skin

28 avril 2009

The “light-er” side of Twi-light reveals the importance, in the fantasy genre, of the matrix of “supernatural proximity.” It is represented here by the vampire world. These new millennium vampires get involved with human beings, are not afraid of light, do not all eat human flesh, do not sleep in coffins and are sensitive to environmental issues. Their turn-of-the-century pop looks (sculpted hair, coloured contact lenses, vintage clothes) would make count Dracula turn green with envy. Proximity provides the readers with the possibility of playing on a whole range of positions, allowing them to travel through simulated universes, where reality is different by only a single change of rules that authorizes all sorts of discrepancies: here, immortality makes it possible to revisit mortality.


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